Meet the Team – Angelenos Pizza

Chef Carmen

Born and raised Angeleno, Chef Carmen Samaniego discovered her passion in the kitchen through her mother Stella, a phenomenal cook. Her best memories as a child were with her mom in the kitchen “cooking up a storm” as Stella would say. From Birthdays, Celebratory Dinners, and Holidays, Carmen began to see her future in Hospitality.

Classically trained at Le Cordon Bleu and graduating with high honors Carmen’s goals started to become a reality. From working as a personal chef to the stars to managing and operating a restaurant Carmen found her true passion, Catering. While driven by her love for food, she is equally driven to service, as well as style and design. Carmen firmly believes that the visual experience is just as important as the flavor profiles of the food. “Food is undeniably an art form” she says.

Now Co-Owner and Chef for Angelenos’ Wood Fired Pizza Carmen not only brings her business experience and education but her wide range of hospitality experience. With that said, she brings you incredibly delicious Neopolitan Pizza, a work of art you will want to share with your friends and family.


Daniel Samaniego born and raised in Southern California is co-owner of Angelenos Wood Fired Pizza.

When he was 7 years old, he visited his grandfather in Chihuahua Mexico. He remembers the little house off a dirt road and walking in for the first time. Inside the kitchen was a cast iron stove that was burning wood, it smelled sonice and welcoming. The next morning, he was awakened to the sound of the wood crackling and the smell of fresh masa. His Tias where up early making tortilla by hand and invited him to help them, he learned quickly how to make delicious handmade flour tortilla on that wood fired cast iron stove.

Daniel Samaniego enjoyed his teenage years playing competitive sports like baseball, football, and track and field. Where he learned the importance of teamwork and developed a competitive drive.

After graduating from Baldwin Park High, he studied Sociology and Psychology but like most young adults not knowing what this would lead to. After working as a waiter for a couple years he realized he enjoyed people and the industry. As a young man with a family now he had to step up his game and began searching for sales careers.

He was fortunate to be offered a great sales position with a top mortgage company, that exposed Daniel Samaniego to extensive sales training and leadership classes. With his competitive nature and ability to work with a team he enjoyed a successful career. Fast forward 2008 and the financial crises is here.

Daniel found himself like most people at the time looking for a new career. Once again, he was fortunate to be offered a sales opportunity only this time it was in the firearms industry. This decade long journey led him to travel the United States where he would look for the best food to eat everywhere, he went. Many times, he would find himself eating pizza and became fascinated with wood fired ovens when he would find them.

What seamed like a dream is now reality, Angelenos Wood Fired Pizza is Made with Love for you.

Please feel free to contact him at [email protected]

The Bejarano’s

Mike, the Daddy Shark. Long before Angelenos’ WFP he was selling candy out of his locker in 7th grade, and a decade later he was running several successful businesses. Vanessa, the Mom, and glue that holds everything together. She is Mike’s sensible sidekick, and the yin to his yang. She is a registered nurse with a master’s in public health and a doctorate in health education and promotion. The why for their everything is their daughter Maisie, the Toddler Extraordinaire. This little firecracker is wildly energetic and loving. She keeps them grounded and serves as a reminder of what is important in life, family and pizza.